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We Give YOU the Tools You Need

to Be Successful on Friday Nights





The goal of D1 Quarterback is to build the core mechanics of the complete quarterback.  We believe that timing, tempo, accuracy and effeciency are tied into footwork.  We start with weight distribution, balance, center of gravity and creating the solid base when coaching the footwork mechanics.  QB's are more accurate and get the ball out of their hand faster and have a higher rate of YAC [ yards after catch ] when their footwork is solid.


Client objectives will vary from throwing motion corrections, accuracy problems, increasing power with their throws to help with various routes in their playbook.  Most of these improvements can be corrected and enhanced by footwork and lower body issues.  D1 QB's objective is to take a quarterback's perceived passing weakness and make it a strength.


We train all of the different movements a QB will execute within the pocket in a live pass rush environment.  After all, if you are a QB that can only complete balls when the pocket is perfect and you can drop and throw in rhythym then you are not going to be a successful quarterback.  The pocket changes from play to play and QB's must train to execute all the different movements, slides and shuffles it takes to get in position to snap off a throw.


Take your game to the next level and excel on Game Night.  



Training sessions will include:


Proper base and set up

Working the pocket

3 and 5 step drop work

G.S.T. ( grab, stab and throw ) work

Generating power on the throw

Analyzing and improving the QB's motion

Throwing on the run ( sprint out and/or escape )

Throwing in A - typical movements

Protecting the ball in the pocket

Throwing without the laces

Throwing a " 1, 2 or 3 " ball  

Throwing screens

The mental part of playing the position

Pump faking

Training tools Include:





Stability Balls

Bean Bags

Tennis Balls


Wiffle Ball Bats

Slide Bags

Pop Up Dummies



Big Green Monster




$50 Per Session

Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes of training with one of the top QB developers in the game

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