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Greg Alexander - Former SRJC / Hawaii quarterback and current high school QB coach  " Coach Simons was the key to my success as a quarterback.  His ability to simplify the game was something I used every snap of my college career and is the main focus when teaching my QB's."




Adam Froman - Former SRJC / Louisville quarterback and current national scout for XOS Digital " I wouldn't have had a chance to play D1 football without him.  Coach Simons got me to Louisville. and he will make you a much better QB. "


















Richard Hoppe - 2 Time Conference MVP quarterback from Saint Helena high school and currently at Boise State University  " I had the opportunity to attend two of Coach Simons' QB camps.  The camp was one of the best QB camps that I've been to.  He teaches the right fundamentals to be a great QB. He is great with the campers and is really good with one on one teaching.

Coach Simons improved my football IQ and skills tremendously with the little time I spent with him.  I am currently at Boise State playing quarterback and I can honestly say I've learned as much about the QB position from Coach Simons than anyone else."

Brett Salisbury - Former Wayne State College / University of Oregon and BYU quarterback " Along with Norm Chow ( BYU ) Keith Simons is the best QB coach I've ever had."

Ed Conroy - Head Coach at Rancho Cotate high school - on his junior QB Gunner Mefferd getting work with Keith Simons "his fundamentals are a thousand percent better than last year"

Kenny Mayne - ESPN anchorman, host and author - "Keith Simons was playing quarterback at a higher, smarter level than most since the day I met him.  He was ten.  Now he's passing on all he's learned in decades as a successful head coach to the next generation of QB's.

Keith knows the game and how to relate to people.  How else do you think he got me to write this endorsement?"


The Press Democrat Newspaper - Sonoma County CA.  A headline about Coach Simons 2008 JC team  "SRJC is a Quarterback Factory"

Mike Kuchar - Senior research manager for - the nations #1 source for online coaching "Keith Simons is a well respected Quarterback mentor"

Gary Howard - National Scout, Vice President and General Manager of XOS Digital "Hey NorCal Quarterbacks - your training with Coach Simons at D1 Quarterback will get you to the North Coast section Championships"

2014 and '15 North Bay League First Team QB Gunner Mefferd [ Rancho Cotate HS ] " The training helped me improve my footwork and velocity on the ball among many other things.  I'd recommend it to any upcoming QB's looking to improve their game.  Coach Simons really knows his stuff.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to work with him"

Jarrod DeGeorgia - Wayne State College        ( NE ) Quarterback 1995 - 96 and NCAA national record of 56 completions in a single game, 9 year professional player and 10 year offensive coordinator for the Sioux City Bandits of the arena/indoor league on Coach Simons -

" Best QB coach in the country.  I was lucky to play for him.  If any of you get the chance to train from the master, take full advantage.  I guarantee you won't regret it.  Thanks coach for doing what you do"  

Will Smith - Analy HS 2013 and '14 First Team All Conference QB and 2014 SCL Back of the Year " I used every one of Coach Simons' drills in game situations through out my career.  He raised my QB I.Q. tremendously. "

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