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Analy HS Quarterback and 3 year D1 QB client Jack Newman led his team to a 11 - 2 record in 2016 and broke every passing record in Analy HS history as well as adding his name to the California High School Record Book.


In 2016 Jack threw for 4,488 yards and 55 TD's and as a 2 year starter passed for an amazing 8,926 yards and a staggering 114 TD passes.


Jack will train with D1 QB for a 4th year starting in January as he prepares to take his talent to the college level.

In 2016 Jack threw for 4,488 yards and 55 TDs and as a 2 year starter passed for an amazing 8,926 yards and a staggering 114 TD passes !! lists D1 

 as one of the Top QB Trainers in the Nation

" In my 30 plus years of coaching, I've been to hundreds of football clinics and camps.  There is no one better in preparing a quarterback than Keith Simons.  His approach to teaching QB fundamentals is meticulous and thorough.  Our quarterbacks were more confident and prepared for any game situation during the season after training with Coach Simons.

I will continue to send our quarterbacks to him.  There is no one better! "

            - Ed Conroy, Rancho Cotate HS

Learn the skills and mechanics to take your game to the next level.  Execute the exact footwork and throwing drills that every one of the All Conference and All American QB's Keith Simons has coached over the past 35 years have done.

Quarterback Isazah King trains with the pop up slide drill
QB Training




D1 QB client and Montgomery High School quarterback Joey Thresh had a record breaking junior season in 2017.  





Joey led the North Coast Section Division II in passing yards per game ( 301.2 ) and total yards per game ( 308.7 ) and was selected as the First Team All NBL QB for 2017.

"He's the best around.  Coach Simons really knows how to make you that much better.  He's made me 10 times better in just a matter of months.  He's always finding ways for you to improve your game.  I wouldn't have been able to perform the way I did without him.

If you are looking to get better in every aspect - he's the way to go"

          - Joey Thresh

D1 Quarterback is the training source for those seeking to elevate their game and take it to the next level.


Winter and Spring training opportunities are critical for all quarterbacks.  Whether you are a returning All Conference play maker or an incoming freshman, you want to be as complete and prepared as possible.


Are your mechanics sound?  Is your footwork solid and efficient?  These objectives must be met before you take the practice field in August in preparation to start a new season.


D1 Quarterback Private Training is the way to get it done.


" It's an honor and a priviledge to have my son train with Keith Simons... I have cancelled the Manning Passing Academy and requested a refund to have my son be able to have more time to train with Coach Simons "

            - Father of 2 year client Vincent Andrews

              Fresno CA



"He got the absolute most out of the potential I didn't even know I had.

His coaching helped me grow in every way as a quarterback.  I started out in H.S. as an average freshman QB and with his teaching achieved more than I could have ever dreamed of.

On top of that, he also made playing football in college a reality for me.


I recommend Coach Simons to any kid who wants to maximize his potential as a quarterback" 

          - Jack Newman

D1 Q

D1 QB client and Clear Lake High School quarterback Alex Adams had a big senior season in 2017.  Alex led his Cardinals into the state playoffs and was selected the North Central 1 All Conference QB.

"Coach Simons has a special talent when it comes to building QB's.  He pushed me to the limits and raised my confidence tremendously as a QB.


His drills prepare you for game like scenarios.  He made me into a  QB that I could not have been without his expertise.  I would recommend every QB go to coach Simons if they want to maximize their potential.

           - Alex Adams

Joey set school records in his very first varsity start by completing 31 passes for 510 yards and 7 TD passes vs. Petaluma HS

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